Sunday, February 20, 2011

Merger of LDC and UDC

The duties and responsibilities of LDC/UDC are similar and on promotion retain within the department as ratio being maintained as 1:1. Presently the cadre consists of LDC, UDC, OS & AO an elongated channel of promotion. In relation to working aspects and strategy, the four grade structure may be brought into a three grade structure to avoid maintenance of ACR, Promotional ratio, DPC in an elongated manner.

This will also help to re-categorise into working group, supervisory group and decision group (Management level). P&T had already set an example of merger of their post, namely LDC/UDC with creation of new post namely Postal Assistant. Prior to merger of LDC/UDC the basic qualification was 10th std which was raised upto 10+2 for Postal Assistant.

The 6th CPC has also recommended to merge such posts which are having identical nature of duties.

There had been hardly any Direct recruitment for past 10 years and therefore, the LDC who remain in DGQA organization have almost been granted with Ist ACP. Matching savings can also take place to avoid financial implication.

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